Chan Draws Dota – Abaddon

YouTube Video Series
by Cardboard Yard

Premise: Noah drinks 40s and describes DOTA characters to Chan who has never played the game. Chan tries to draw the characters based off of Noah’s description. Jordan giggles off-mic.


About the Artists:
Cardboard Yard is three Filipino-American-Hapa brothers, Jordan, Noah and Christian Eusebio. They grew up in the Midwest and converged in Denton, TX to stumble into their late 20s and utilize their respective educations in the liberal arts. They combine their visual, aural, and literary talents to make videos for people on YouTube.

Outside of their weekly Haiku and Drawing videos, they are developing stand alone short animations and a semi-autobiographical web series called Peak Street”.  They are also the creators of the popular YouTube web series “Chan Draws Dota”.