Lisa TomikoMacri - Musicians

by Lisa Tomiko Macri
oil on canvas



About the Artist
Chicago painter and art teacher Lisa Tomiko Macri grew up on the north side of Chicago in the Lakeview and Ravenswood neighborhoods. She attended various art institutions in Chicago to discover her own creativity and means for art in her life. Dealing with the fast paced life of the city, she seeks to make sense of her surroundings and to create balance and control over an ever-changing environment. Lisa has shown mixed media work amongst other artists in group showings at Three Walls Gallery, Old Town School of Folk Music and Chicago Printmakers Collaborative and has had two solo shows of paintings in Three Oaks, Michigan.

In her work, Macri creates a mix of colorful abstract landscapes and life forms to define her ethereal environment as it exists in cubist shapes, form and space. Her landscapes are rendered with luminous and subtle colors to create a sense of harmony, warmth and calm. She approaches some textures with a realist eye as well.

Artist’s Statement
After moving through the seasons of Chicago, life has become more wonderfully complex as my family has grown by two. I faced the challenge of finding time to paint. Family, work, health and art. It has been difficult to strike a balance. Thus, in this series of paintings, there is a feeling of interrupted time. Just like my sons, I skip around trying something new at every turn. I am learning from them about myself and how I am still playful.