riksha Issue V2.1

From the early days of riksha, our mission was to create a space for Asian Americans to tell their stories. That space included print issues, performances, art exhibitions and collaborations with many creative Asian Americans who were breaking new ground. As we thought about a relaunch of riksha, we wondered, does our community still need this space? The events of 11/9 helped to clarify things quickly. We put the call out and here we are. We are excited to bring you these new works and we hope to expand this space in the days and months ahead. Welcome!

Work Featured In This Issue:


Co Shi An
Remember heritage, imagine identity, stop believing

M. G. Bertulfo
Seeking Refuge

Marina Celander
Mermaid’s Howl – an excerpt

M. Evelina Galang
Holy Thursday

Euree Kim
Cartel of Silence

S.M. Lee
A Daughter’s Tribute

John Sun Lew

Heather Lou
Earth Dragon

Mary Ann Mohanraj
After Pulse

Lee Tonouchi
Okinawans & Salt
Okinawans & Garlic

Mengnan/Mary Wu
I Remember My Chinese Name

Paul Yamada
Chris Marker Says, “Love don’t love nobody”


Andy Hoi-Csui Chan
Buffalo at Rest
Swift Currents through a Gorge
Rising Storm in the Mountains

Shyama Kuver
Dragon illustration

Larry Lee
Serving the Man
The Game of Death (in ten parts)
Over time Tom Baker finally mastered the Five Fingers of Death
My aim is true (for Naomi Nordstrom), Or dedicated to the one you love
In ascending order of white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown and black
And so Master Po asks Grasshopper (the young Kwai Chang Caine) to ponder the true meaning of chinoiserie
…too busy looking good

Lisa Tomiko Macri
How We Met

Via Nuon
Southeastern Melody
The Sheltering Palms, Emma’s Tune

Danielle Tanimura
Bitter Oriental
Mother Night
And Yet Your Mouth is Still Moving
Picture Bride