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  "Degrees Of Influence"  
    a multi-media art exhibition and performances that will highlight the talent of today's Asian American artists. more



Since 1993, riksha has been dedicated to promoting artistic and literary works by and about Asian Americans. riksha is a Chicago-based organization, however we are interested in work from around the U.S. and overseas. In conjunction with our artistic/literary bent, riksha spreads the word about relevant social issues that impact our communities. We also stage performances and lend a hand in a wide range of community organizations. Recently, riksha officially became a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

    Issue 4  
  • "The Arrival" by Soyoung Kim
  • "The Replacement Killer" by Mark Ferguson
  • "Apocolypse Now" by Charlie Cho
  • "Gold, Guns & Goons" by Stuart Isett
  • "Tao Te Ching for 1996" by Wally Verdooren
  • "Instant Louisiana" by Wally Verdooren
  • "Determined to Survive: Asian American AIDS Services" by Melissa Hung
  • "You are Phoreign, You Must Marry Me" by Deepak Sarma
  • Poetry by Sharmili Majmudar
  • "The Smell of Sleep" by Lani T. Montreal
    Issue 3  
  • A Family Affair: An Interview with Li Young & Li Lin Lee
  • Art by Joan Lee, Jennifer Angus & One Danny Yoon
  • R. Zamora Linmark's "Sweet Dreams"
  • Art Reviews by Mary Kim & Joan Lee
  • Fiction by Lisa Usana Phillips
  • "No Status to the Giver" by Richard Pierson
  • Review of Stir Friday Night by Ben Kim
  • Music Reviews by Mark Armstrong
  • Chicago Asian American Jazz Player Series
  • Comics by Donna Han
    Issue 2  
  • "The Question: Multiracial Asians and the Issue of Identity" by Scott Watanabe
  • Art by Joan Lee, Qigu Jiang, Amphay Oudomsouk, Carey Overstreet & Suji Lee
  • Tung-Ming Chan's "The Blue Heel"
  • Poetry by Maria Luisa B. Aguilar-Carino & Steve Haruch
  • "Richard Speck" by Dwight Okita
  • Interview with filmmaker Rea Tajiri
  • Essays by Mark Armstrong & Patty Cooper
    Premiere Issue (sold out)  
  • Stuart Isett's "Year Zero to 1993"
  • Art by Eric Manabat & Dean Yamada
  • Photography by Yoko Kawaguchi, Ramon Mascarenas, Yitah R. Wu & Pon Angara
  • Ed Eusebio's "Arrival"
  • Fiction by M. Evelina Galang & Anchee Min
  • Letter from William Hohri
  • Review of Dwight Okita's "Crossing with the Light"
  • Poetry by Alice Lee, Myra Kalaw, Lalita Gandbhir & Asa Hohri
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